Spain trip(s)


We had a community gathering last week in Madrid between Mozilla Europe people, Schrep who was in Madrid after his talk to Fundamentos Web in Gijón, our Spanish localization team and bloggers.

This was a lot of fun and we had the opportunity to talk about geek and non-geek matters around drinks with many interesting people. I posted some of my pictures here but there are many more on flickr by tristan:

(click on the above picture to see the entire gallery)

I had the opportunity to meet again people I had met last summer at the e-verano event and exchange ideas on how to promote open source in Spain (and in our case, Firefox).

My next trip to Spain will be for the Caceres Open Source congress (October 24th ) where I will participate in a round table about the current state of browsers. After my last trip to Andalucia, this will also be the opportunity to see how open source is promoted in the other pro-open-source region of Spain, Extremadura, where the state has been investing massively for years into opensource projects. There is a whole generation of kids there that have only been in contact with Linux (and Firefox) at school... (if you want to know more about it, here is an article in English).