[l10n] Firefox 3, let's get started with the getting started page

Firefox 3beta3 was just released, and we have reached the time of the Firefox release cycle when we have to think about the creation and localization of the "in-product" pages, that is a set of specific pages hosted on our web server but which are actually considered as part of the product since they are displayed by Firefox in very specific occasions like after the initial installation or after you have updated to a minor security and stability release.

So these pages are being redesigned now (as part of the whole mozilla.com redesign for Firefox 3) by John Slater and his team, and we are making sure that they will be easy to localize (no screenshots in English, no or barely any text in graphics, no text in javascript files, RTL friendly...), don't worry!

One of the interesting content changes will be the redesign of the getting started page which used to be a default bookmark before Firefox 2. This page will be redesigned to propose a set of popular sites divided in categories like videos, social networking, culture... Obviously, this will not only require translation but also localization because the proposed websites will have to offer quality content in your language.

If you want to know more about it, you can have a look at our wiki page and start thinking about it with your localization team: Getting Started - Wiki.

Although the text and final look of the new in-product pages is not entirely done yet, we wanted to give all of our localization community a heads up about this very specific page because we know it will probably mean seeking the best content for your users and maybe even debate about among your team members and your community.

BTW, since this is Fosdem this week end (yay!), Mic Berman and I will be happy to talk about the localization of the in-product pages with the many localizers coming to the event of course :)

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