Le MSDN de Mozilla !!


Impressionant site fait par un seul gars !! Michael A. Nachbaur a grillé tout mozilla.org au poteau en fournissant une documentation hyper complète destinée aux gens voulant créer des applications avec Mozilla.

Mozilla AOM Reference

Copier/coller de son message dans les forums explquant son projet :

Further to a message I sent a few months back, I'd like to now officially announce http://aom.nachbaur.com and the eminent completion of the ECMA-262 specification's documentation on that site.

The purpose of this site is to document the objects that make up Mozilla's application object model. I'm thinking of something along the lines of MSDN's DHTML library, but I have a few further features I'd like to add that extends it beyond that simple use.

Every object (and in fact the full object listing) can be viewed in a variety of ways. Both the object listing and objects themselves can be rendered as RDF (for use in other applications for instance). In fact, each object can also be viewed in a simple quick-reference sheet (soon to be rendered as PDF), plain XML source (as its written by me on the server), or a printable version. These views are accessed by clicking the icons on the top titlebar of each page.

All the objects are cross-referenced as appropriate. My goal is to have every object that is visible to a XUL developer documented, with a description, parameter listing (each parameter with descriptions), datatypes, exceptions, return values, code samples...the works.

I've been reluctant to make any sort of announcement before now, since I haven't been certain how far I would go. With the near-completion of ECMA-262 (only RegExp is left), it seems more likely that I'll finish the project. I had planned to announce this after I finished RegExp, but I'm going to OSCon next week, so I wanted to get people thinking about this before I leave.

My plan is to document the AOM spec-by-spec, so the next in line is the W3C DOM Level 2 Core specification. After I complete the DOM specs, I'll begin working on the Mozilla XUL objects.

So, the reason for my posting this is to get feedback on the direction I'm going, and to hear what other people would like to see. I'd especially like to hear your thoughts on any new feature ideas, RDF or other output forms, omissions or errors.

I'd also like to get your opinions on what / how the site should be referred. Right now I'm putting it as a subdomain of my own domain. Does anyone see any value in making this a subdomain of mozilla.org? If not, I'll probably get a dedicated domain for this. Also, the term "AOM" seems a bit opaque, and might do better to be renamed to something a bit more descriptive. Any thoughts on this?

And for a list of the features I'm working on, please see: http://aom.nachbaur.com/features.xhtml


1. Le vendredi 23 juillet 2004, 09:52 par LaurentJ

Impressionnant ! ça donne envie d'avoir la même chose sur xulfr :-)