News Flash ;)

We have a new newsgroup in the mozilla.* hierarchy dedicated to the localization of Mozilla-related websites, this is

This will be the place where people can talk about website localization, propose their help for a project and submit their ideas. This will also be a way to coordinate the global translation efforts.

A few examples of themes that will be discussed/organized there:

  • product pages localization in and its international afiliates
  • the future multilingual add-ons website
  • translations of end-user touchpoints when using Firefox (like the "Firefox has been updated" page, or the random tips shown on the google-firefox search page

The creation of this newsgroup is also meant to separate products localization talks ( from web content localization talks ( so as not to add noise and perturbate the existing l10n newsgroup.

You can access this newsgroup via mozilla news server (, Google Groups or by subscribing to the mozilla mailing-list which is synced with the newsgroup. Note that since the newsgroup is only a few hours old, there will probably be a few synchronisation delays in the first days.

See you soon there :)


PS 1 : Our Mozilla Europe translators should know that this does not replace our internal "actimembers" mailing list since m.d.l.web has a much more global reach and many Mozilla Europe issues wouldn't fit in the public newsgroup, of course there will be some overlap since the Mozilla Europe list also existed because there was no mozilla.* hierarchy 3 years ago, but the overlapping shouldn't be too important.

PS 2 : a newsgroup dedicated to the Spanish translation of the Mozilla Developer Center has also been created, it is


1. Le vendredi 8 septembre 2006, 23:19 par Bram

Nice! I was thinking of contributing to Mozilla already, but I wasn't sure how to. However, I thought I'd contribute to Mozilla Europe, since everything seems so US-centered!

Translations will do, and this is a good way of making information easier accessible. Merci beaucoup!