Ukrainian is now supported on Mozilla Europe

I am glad to announce that thanks to Timothy Babych, Ukrainian is the 23rd language fully supported on Mozilla Europe. Congratulation to Timothy for not only translating Firefox, but also providing a way for the blooming Ukrainian mozilla community to get official visibility in the project and establishing a direct link between Mozillians in Ukraine and the Mozilla project.

Here is a map of Europe as currently supported on the website (blue is supported):


1. Le dimanche 23 décembre 2007, 02:17 par Havvy

That's purple, not blue. :P

Nice thing none-the-less.

2. Le dimanche 23 décembre 2007, 15:48 par jm_one

looks blue to me...
anyway it has some little mistakes.
All islands in the baltic sea are white. But several of them belong to Denmark. Even Denmarks capital Copenhagne is located on one of them, the island Zealand.
Another island belongs to Germany (the island of Rügen(aka Rugia))
You might want to fix that ;)

3. Le dimanche 23 décembre 2007, 15:52 par Pascal

Ok, I'll fire up gimp to colour the little islands I missed ;)

4. Le dimanche 23 décembre 2007, 16:06 par Robin

Green for me, but then I'm rather suffering from

5. Le dimanche 23 décembre 2007, 16:25 par Ted Mielczarek

Sweden is such a large patch of white!

6. Le dimanche 23 décembre 2007, 16:35 par Pascal

> Sweden is such a large patch of white!

We have a couple of volunteers working on it :)

7. Le dimanche 23 décembre 2007, 21:29 par zumor

You can add Moldova safely, too, since Romanian is the majority language there.

8. Le dimanche 23 décembre 2007, 21:34 par Pascal

-> Zumor, that's very true, I am going to update the map, thanks.

9. Le lundi 24 décembre 2007, 11:05 par Ouadou

A little mistake, as Crna Gora / Montenegro is independent from Serbia... so there is a missing boundary (and for the language, let's just say that when 4 countries speaking almost the same language decide they've got independent ones, that does not ease localisation - do you have volunteers in Bosnian / Croatian / Montenegrin / Serbian as well?) ;-(

10. Le lundi 24 décembre 2007, 11:36 par Pascal

-> ouadou I will leave the map as is, hand-drawing a border for a region we don't have yet linguistic support is not worth the effort ;) We do have an active Serbian effort to localize Firefox and there was a Croatian volunteer in the past but I would say that currently Serbian is the only variant with a real localization effort behind.

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