Are you Georgian, Mongolian or Belarusian? We need your help for Firefox :)

UPDATE: our translations are now complete, special thanks to Brian(and his team), Gia and Aleks for stepping up and helping us finishing our work on this bug, now Major Update is just around the corner ;)

If you are part of the Mozilla community, speak Georgian, Mongolian or Belarusian and want to help, you may want to check out this bug:

Translation needed for strings on the new Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 Major Update box

It's a short and easy translation (15 words in total) and our usual contributors are not available at the moment to do it, so if you want to help Mozilla by contributing to Firefox, that's an excellent opportunity to get involved!

Thanks in advance!


1. Le jeudi 21 août 2008, 19:59 par Tomer

These three languages don't have an active l10n group?

2. Le vendredi 22 août 2008, 15:36 par Pascal Chevrel

> tomer

These 3 languages have mozilla l10N groups reduced to basically 1 person, Matjas for Slovenian is in Africa now but Brian King who lives in Slovenia took care of the localization. For Georgian, Gia stepped up and given the current events in his country, I would have understood if he did not have time or will to do it. For Belarusian, I didn't get news from Siarhei so I assume that he is just away on holidays without internet connection. But thanks to Aleks from the Ubuntu be l10n team, the file is now translated and we can start Major update early next week !! :)

3. Le lundi 15 septembre 2008, 10:46 par Katya

Do you still need help? I'm a professional Belarusian translator and I'm ready to help you. You may contact me via Email!

4. Le lundi 15 septembre 2008, 10:46 par Katya

5. Le lundi 22 septembre 2008, 20:23 par Web design Montreal

I am Canadian, a girl, and a web designer -- I guess that rules me out of the competition, right? :)

P.S.: I know French, if that helps you.

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