Meet Mozilla at Fosdem, become a Mozilla contributor!!!


As every year, Mozilla is going to be at Fosdem with a booth and our own conference room where you will be able to meet with the people behind the different branches of the Mozilla tree (Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Europe, Community members and other European Mozilla related associations...).

Lots of fun ahead, lots of interesting talks and a great opportunity to chat or have a drink with the people that make Firefox, Thunderbird, Fennec, Sunbird and all the amazing software based on the Mozilla platform.

It is also a great opportunity to get involved in the Mozilla community, and particularly in helping us translating and promoting Firefox in Europe!!

We have lots of things to do for the upcoming releases of Firefox 3.1 and Thunderbird 3.0, especially on the web pages front where we definitely need volunteers for all of the languages we support.

We also need more people getting involved in helping our local community websites grow and do more things like publishing news items, helping in forums, going to local open source events, organizing parties...

If you want to get involved in localization, promote Mozilla in your language or even get into Quality Assurance and make sure Mozilla products get even better with time... Really, don't hesitate and come to our booth or talk to us in the Fosdem corridors.

Have a great Fosdem 2009!!!