Shell script to record a window into an animated GIF

Part of my work consists of spreading what new features land on Nightly for our Twitter account and sometimes an animated Gif to show how a new feature works or how to activate it easier than trying to squeeze explanations into 140 characters.

Initially I was doing a video screencast and then converting the video into a Gif but I wasn't happy with the quality of the end result and the whole process was time consuming. I ended up searching for a better solution and found out about byzanz-record, a command that allows screencasting directly as a Gif and I think is easier to use for a Linux user than playing with ffmpeg. I ended up tweaking a script I found on Stackoverflow and this is what I use in the end:

Other people using Linux may have similar needs so maybe that will help you guys discover this command.


1. Le mardi 17 janvier 2017, 19:09 par Sylvain

Bonsoir Pascal,
Merci pour ce partage d'astuce !
Je viens de tester sur ma fedora, ça fait le job :)
Je crois voir que l'on peut mettre en variable la durée et l'emplacement, mais je dois mal m'y prendre, même s'il me confirme pourtant par exemple que l'enregistrement fera 20 seconde dans mon home.

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