27 languages have their own download page on mozilla.com

This post is a follow up to a previous post last month anouncing our first work on localized home pages hosted on mozilla.com.

We now have 26 languages (28 if we count en-US and pt-BR which we already had) with a localized download page for Firefox on our main portal. Several of these locales are 'beta locales', that is localized versions of Firefox which may still countain a few language bugs such as typos or inconsistencies in language. Of course, if you are a native speaker of one of these new locales, your feedback on the translation is very welcome!

I had targeted 37 locales under-represented on mozilla web properties as the first batch of prioritary locales for this project, out of the 11 remaining, 5 are still a short-term target (Bulgarian, Estonian, Esperanto, Welsh and Mongolian) since we have Firefox 3 versions available for them. The remaining 6 are more middle term targets as they are more likely targetting a first release when Firefox 3.1 is out.

Here is the list of languages done:

Great job from all of our localizers and a good start for better download pages in 2009!

NEW YEARS EVE UPDATE: Esperanto is done and published!

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