Firefox 3.5 release, translations, events, web sites, your local Mozilla community needs you!


Firefox 3.5 is soon to be released and everybody is working hard in the Mozilla community to make it as great a release as were the previous ones!

This is the perfect moment for you to get involved by helping you local localization team preparing translations for our websites, the sooner our websites are ready in 70 languages, the sooner Firefox 3.5 will be released.

Pages called directly from Firefox like the start page, download pages on, product pages on regional sites, documentation for web developers explaining what new technologies they will find in the product, end-user support documentation, translation of Add-Ons, marketing mini-sites being created for the release...

There are tons of ways you can make a real difference in the Mozilla project, especially if you are not an English speaker as the majority of our users are now using a non-English version of Firefox.

if you want to help change the web in your language, just contact your localization team and ask them how you can help, you can also contact me directly of course (pascal AT mozilla DOT com).


1. Le lundi 18 mai 2009, 04:03 par Douglas Ruskowski

Brazilian java programmer here... i'm an amateur producer of subtitles from english movies to portuguese-br. I'm really used to translate stuff, and I wanna help, simple like that .;)


2. Le lundi 18 mai 2009, 04:27 par Brian Arnold

"en-user support documentation"

I thought they already had en-USer done. ;)

3. Le lundi 18 mai 2009, 04:56 par pascal

@Douglas, I will contact you this week by emailto put you in contact with our Brazilian team :)

@Brian good (and funny) catch! the typo is corrected now, thanks

4. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 03:35 par Lukhators

Hey, I'm Argentinian and would love to help by translating Firefox to Spanish. I have an excellent command of English (I got a B in my CPE), so don't hesitate in contacting me if you need any help!



5. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 03:37 par Ocramius Aethril - Marco Pivetta

That's great! I'm gonna help out starting from this weekend :)
I hope this will be a great release, I've been experimenting some new components in the 3.1 beta and now I cannot work without threads *_*

6. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 04:01 par maik

Spanish here, just let me know if u need me, looking foward to contribute, cheers!

7. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 04:01 par sahan maldeniya

I would like help to translate mozilla to SINHALA langauge

8. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 04:53 par lazydude12345

I am learning german, is there anyway i could use the skills i do have to translate firefox into german??

9. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 04:58 par jegormeister

i am from slovakia and i would be pleased if i could help

10. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 06:31 par SAA

I'm fluent in english, italian and spanish, any way I can help I'd be glad to.

11. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 10:55 par meretrix

I'm from Serbia and I would really like to help.

12. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 11:11 par sEcond LiFe

roger that

13. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 11:11 par Daniela

I'm fluent in Bosnian/Croatian, Spanish and English. I would love helping you guys out.
Cheers! :)

14. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 13:20 par flux

I'm fluent in English, Slovak and Czech. I would love to help.

15. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 13:39 par Cem Civan

hi i am from turkey and i know english. i try help for turkish language.

16. Le mardi 19 mai 2009, 16:45 par Michi Mara

I would like to help to translate from english to dutch.
Let me now when help is needed!

17. Le mercredi 20 mai 2009, 08:10 par Giuliano

Hi Pascal, you know where you can find me ;)
Just ping me or flod. We are ready :D

18. Le mercredi 20 mai 2009, 15:01 par pascal

I think I contacted all of you individually, if you didn't receive new from me yet, don't hesiitate to ping me here in the comments!

Thanks you all for your help!!!