Dotclear et PHP 7

Un petit billet pense-bête, c'est souvent des trucs que je poste sur Twitter en fait.Dotclear est compatible PHP 7Et oui, Dotclear fonctionne parfaitement sous PHP 7, j'ai mis mon site perso en PHP 7 (RC5) aujourd'hui et le seul réglage à faire était de changer le fournisseur mysql dans le fichier  […]

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Follow-up to my current migration to Atom Editor

After my recent blog post announcing that I was transisionning from Sublime Text to Atom, I got a couple of nice surprises from the community that fix some of the annoyances I have with Atom or that will just make it better.How to fix the keyboard shortcut to comment out a single line on a French  […]

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Progressively moving from Sublime Text 3 to Atom

I am currently moving from Sublime Text (I am a happy paying customer) to Atom. I love Sublime but unfortunately, the project is dying and I want to invest in tools that are maintained in the long term. Sublime 3 is still not release after years, the only developper completely disappeared for months  […]

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