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My Q1-2014 report

Here is what I did in Q1 Tools and code This quarter we have made 2 releases of Transvision (3.1 and 3.2). For 3.1, most of the credit goes to my colleague (and

07 avr. 2014 Pascal Chevrel

Thanks for the patch René-Luc

Last week, at Mozilla Camp Europe, René-Luc D'hont a developper and community member showed us a regression on Mozilla Nightly builds that were breaking the

21 nov. 2011 Pascal Chevrel

2010 yearly report

Here is my yearly report for 2010, this is the second time I do it. This year, I think that my work in the first semester was mostly around 3.6.4 and out of

17 janv. 2011 Pascal Chevrel

MAOW Madrid in December

Last week I met with Gregorio Robles, teacher from the university Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid and we have decided to see how his department (which is focused on

20 nov. 2008 Pascal Chevrel