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jeudi 2 juillet 2009

July 2003 - July 2009: 6 years of Mozilla Web localization

Although I got into the mozilla project through en-user documentation and support around 2001, I really got involved in Web localization in 2003 when I started to build a Spanish Mozilla community around the Mozilla Suite and I convinced Bob Clary (who also gave me my canconfirm rights in bugzilla, thanks for that!) to publish a page in Spanish on so as to promote Tech Evangelism activities in Spanish.

That was the first non-English page on an official mozilla site ever and the funny thing is that... this page is still online!  ;)

We are now in July 2009 and we just shipped Firefox 3.5 in more than 70 languages, all with a set of in-product pages hosted on But more than in-product pages, we now have with this release a localized home page on for ALL of our locales!

Now that the release is done and millions of users are downloading the best version of Firefox ever every day, I have some time to thank all of the people that have made such an achievement possible.

Thank you to our localizers first, without them, the Mozilla project would not have the international outreach it has and I really think that our localizers are way more than translators, they are involved in every corner of mozilla activities, from code, to marketing and documentation. It is a privilege for us to work with people having so many skills and passionate about FLOSS and the open web!

Thank you also to the rest of the l10n-drivers team (Seth, Axel, Stas, Gandalf...) and thank you to Delphine who did an awesome job with QA of all of the localized pages over the past weeks on our sites!

Happy international browsing :)


dimanche 17 mai 2009

Firefox 3.5 release, translations, events, web sites, your local Mozilla community needs you!

Firefox 3.5 is soon to be released and everybody is working hard in the Mozilla community to make it as great a release as were the previous ones!

This is the perfect moment for you to get involved by helping you local localization team preparing translations for our websites, the sooner our websites are ready in 70 languages, the sooner Firefox 3.5 will be released.

Pages called directly from Firefox like the start page, download pages on, product pages on regional sites, documentation for web developers explaining what new technologies they will find in the product, end-user support documentation, translation of Add-Ons, marketing mini-sites being created for the release...

There are tons of ways you can make a real difference in the Mozilla project, especially if you are not an English speaker as the majority of our users are now using a non-English version of Firefox.

if you want to help change the web in your language, just contact your localization team and ask them how you can help, you can also contact me directly of course (pascal AT mozilla DOT com).

lundi 23 mars 2009

Mozilla Labs Café ce vendredi à Paris, venez nombreux!

Ce vendredi 27 mars après-midi aura lieu le Mozilla Labs Café à la Cantine à Paris.

Il s'agit d'une rencontre informelle dont le thème est les activités du laboratoire Mozilla, c'est ouvert à tous, c'est gratuit et ça permet de discuter avec plein de Mozilliens de l'innovation sur le Web. Chris Beard, le fondateur et  directeur de Mozilla Labs sera présent ainsi que Rey Bango et Pascal Finette qui travaillent tous deux au sein du labo.

Le formulaire d'inscription est ici: s'enregistrer pour le Mozilla Labs Café

jeudi 5 février 2009

Meet Mozilla at Fosdem, become a Mozilla contributor!!!

As every year, Mozilla is going to be at Fosdem with a booth and our own conference room where you will be able to meet with the people behind the different branches of the Mozilla tree (Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Europe, Community members and other European Mozilla related associations...).

Lots of fun ahead, lots of interesting talks and a great opportunity to chat or have a drink with the people that make Firefox, Thunderbird, Fennec, Sunbird and all the amazing software based on the Mozilla platform.

It is also a great opportunity to get involved in the Mozilla community, and particularly in helping us translating and promoting Firefox in Europe!!

We have lots of things to do for the upcoming releases of Firefox 3.1 and Thunderbird 3.0, especially on the web pages front where we definitely need volunteers for all of the languages we support.

We also need more people getting involved in helping our local community websites grow and do more things like publishing news items, helping in forums, going to local open source events, organizing parties...

If you want to get involved in localization, promote Mozilla in your language or even get into Quality Assurance and make sure Mozilla products get even better with time... Really, don't hesitate and come to our booth or talk to us in the Fosdem corridors.

Have a great Fosdem 2009!!!

mercredi 31 décembre 2008

27 languages have their own download page on

This post is a follow up to a previous post last month anouncing our first work on localized home pages hosted on

We now have 26 languages (28 if we count en-US and pt-BR which we already had) with a localized download page for Firefox on our main portal. Several of these locales are 'beta locales', that is localized versions of Firefox which may still countain a few language bugs such as typos or inconsistencies in language. Of course, if you are a native speaker of one of these new locales, your feedback on the translation is very welcome!

I had targeted 37 locales under-represented on mozilla web properties as the first batch of prioritary locales for this project, out of the 11 remaining, 5 are still a short-term target (Bulgarian, Estonian, Esperanto, Welsh and Mongolian) since we have Firefox 3 versions available for them. The remaining 6 are more middle term targets as they are more likely targetting a first release when Firefox 3.1 is out.

Here is the list of languages done:

Great job from all of our localizers and a good start for better download pages in 2009!

NEW YEARS EVE UPDATE: Esperanto is done and published!

mardi 18 novembre 2008 is getting translated download pages

As you may have learned recently on Seth's blog, we have been working lately on creating translated landing pages on for all of the locales that are not already supported on an official regional portal (that is those not on Mozilla Europe/China/Japan).

Now that I have a bit of time I can blog a bit about how this project is going.

We have created this week landing pages on for 7 of our locales (Afrikaans, Frisian, Irish, Indonesian, Georgian, Slovene, Swedish) which is a good start given that we (Laura and me) plan to have all of the 37 locales we are targeting done by the end of the year. By the way, the list of targeted locales is on the Web Dashboard, if your language is on the list of languages we are targeting, don't hesitate to come and help with the translation!

So what does it change for let's say a Slovene user compared to the previous situation? Until one week ago, a user with Internet Explorer in Slovene going to or was redirected to and was offered a link to download Firefox in Slovene but the page was all written in English. This is good enough for people speaking English as a second language, but our target audience is no longer the computer and English savvy advanced users. We were certainly losing potential users for one of these reasons:

  • The user gets to an English page and concludes that Firefox is not localized into his language.
  • The user just doesn't understand what the page is about and leaves.
  • We misdetect the visitor's locale and he downloads Firefox in the wrong language.

It is very clear to me that translating a whole portal like and keeping it up to date is not scalable. Maintaining a reduced version of a portal like we do on Mozilla Europe for 22 languages is already a very big task and could be seen as an ideal solution, but many of the locales we are speaking about have little human resources to keep and, more importantly, maintain an entire web site.

Another drawback of a multilingual portal is that any technical change in the reference language (English) may have an impact on localized pages. This is particularily true for stylesheet changes, I have already seen minor visual fixes on an English page impacting negatively the same page for other languages. So as to avoid that, updates on the English version have to be very carefully done and planned and lots of QA of localized pages has to be done when some files are updated in English. Definitely, this is not scalable or would be possible for a handful of languages only.

The solution chosen is one single landing page to propose the download of Firefox, give a few informations (among which a link to the locale's community portal) and also a link to Thunderbird pages in English. We have a separate stylesheet for that and we only share a cut-down version of the template. Our Hebrew localizer is also working on a Right-To-Left stylesheet, thanks Tomer for that!

Additionally, offering the right locale in a page written into the right language is not the only good news about it. This is also going to help promoting localized versions of Firefox more easily with a short url such as for Afrikaans. Great for printed material, banners or simply to give the url of the site verbally to a friend. This will also allow us to do real Search Engine Optimization in the user's language (as we did in the past on and one of the next things to do will be to evaluate the wording of this page for better result, I'll open bugs about it and we will work with our communities on optimizing the language for better search results. By the way, these pages are in Google results since this morning, which is a good start :)

One other good news is that we promote on this page community portals, which means that this will give more visibility to these portals and hopefully new contributors will join the Mozilla project.

Here is the list of current languages done (in the visitor's language so as to give it a small SEO boost ;) ):


One more locale done today, Galician:

jeudi 21 août 2008

Are you Georgian, Mongolian or Belarusian? We need your help for Firefox :)

UPDATE: our translations are now complete, special thanks to Brian(and his team), Gia and Aleks for stepping up and helping us finishing our work on this bug, now Major Update is just around the corner ;)

If you are part of the Mozilla community, speak Georgian, Mongolian or Belarusian and want to help, you may want to check out this bug:

Translation needed for strings on the new Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 Major Update box

It's a short and easy translation (15 words in total) and our usual contributors are not available at the moment to do it, so if you want to help Mozilla by contributing to Firefox, that's an excellent opportunity to get involved!

Thanks in advance!

mardi 12 août 2008

Mexican Spanish language pack for Firefox is ready!

Thanks to the hard work of Ricardo Meza and his team, the first language pack in Mexican Spanish (es-MX) is now available on (AMO):

Español (México) Language Pack 3.0.2pre

This lang pack is still in the sandbox so you will need an account on AMO and be logged in to be able to install it.

More information (in Spanish) on the Mozilla Mexico localization portal as well as on the Mozilla Hispano news site:

jeudi 27 mars 2008

The Mozilla Mexico localization team is looking for a logo

Mozilla Mexico is a new community project launched by volunteers to promote Mozilla products in Mexico and to localize it in the different languages of the country (Mexican Spanish of course, but also Maya, Náhuatl and Zapoteco).

They are currently looking for somebody that would create a cool logo for their team, something that would reflect the open source roots of the project as well as the diversity of the Mexican culture they want to promote. So if you have some graphics design skills and want to help a new and active mozilla community, don't hesitate to contact them and in particular, Ricardo Meza, one of the project leaders. Here are a few pointers:

Of course, if you think you can help the project at the localization level for one of the languages they intend to support, you are also most welcome to contact them :)

jeudi 1 mars 2007

bilan de la réunion d'hier

Petit bilan rapide : on a deux nouveaux traducteurs/relecteurs pour la doc de, ce qui porte l'équipe à 6 personnes. Objectif : rattraper l'équipe polonaise qui est loin devant tout le monde pour la traduction ;)

Une proposition a été de publier sur le blog de Frenchmozilla tous les mois une sélection d'articles non-traduits pour permettre à des nouveaux volontaires de s'y coller, info qu'on relaierait via les blogs mozilla francophones. Ça peut être intéressant pour trouver de nouveaux volontaires mais aussi lorsque les volontaires actuels ne se sentent pas capables de traiter un document car il explique des concepts informatiques trop complexes.

En dehors du manque de bras ;) le principal problème de la traduction du Mozilla Developer Center est le suivi des modifications en amont. S'agissant d'un wiki, le texte anglais est lui aussi modifié et il faut donc régulièrement vérifier l'historique des changements pour répercuter les modifications ce qui prend beaucoup de temps. Il me semble que Wikipedia (on utilise aussi mediawiki comme eux) a des problématiques similaires, si des wikipédistes ont des suggestions dans ce domaine, on est intéressés ;)

Eric Shepperd qui bosse sur la documentation anglaise a récemment écrit un billet à ce sujet : Making documentation translation better

Voilà, je rappelle à tous les volontaires que le canal IRC des traducteurs est ouvert 24h/24h mais que parfois si on met du temps à répondre en journée c'est juste parce qu'on bosse à côté, par contre à partir de 19h c'est en général très animé ;)

mardi 27 février 2007

Back from FOSDEM

Mozilla Europe was at Fosdem last week-end and we had our usual booth and conference room. We were happy to be one of the sponsors for the event this year since it was a way to help the whole European FLOSS ecosystem. Fosdem has been the main meeting point for Mozilla contributors for many years and I hope it will continue to be part of our main European events schedule for many years to come (although I also think we should have two major Mozilla meetings per year in Europe, not only one).

A special thank to Monique for helping us with the booth, giving away T-shirts, Posters, badges, giving information to the people stopping by and making sure they were directed to the right Mozilla guys in the conference room if necessary. A big thank as well to Frédéric, our French Seamonkey localizer who drove all the way from Paris and in whose car we stuffed as much stuff as we could for the booth ;)

Mike Schroepfer, VP of Engineering came from the US to give a couple of conferences, one of them about the technical changes in javascript was recorded, you can see it there : Schrep in Fosdem (ogg format 202MB)

Pike blogged about the event and there are lots of pictures in flickr.

vendredi 23 février 2007


Un petit mot pour vous dire que je suis sur le départ pour Fosdem, on charge bientôt tout pour le stand mozilla dans la voiture de Fred et on part d'ici deux heures.

J'ai reçu plein de propositions pour aider à la traduction, soit par courriel, soit par commentaires sur le billet soir de personnes se présentant dans notre canal IRC.

Je ferai un petit point sur tout ça en début de semaine prochaine pour voir qui a envie de faire quoi. Pour info, actuellement on est à jour au niveau logiciel mais il y a clairement des besoins à moyen/long terme dans ce domaine, long terme c'est Firefox 3, Thunderbird 3 et tous les projets liés à Mozilla qui se préparent comme par exemple le futur successeur de Composer que Daniel Glazman prépare.

Donc les besoins actuels sont surtout des besoins web, en particulier traduire les docs pour développeurs (c'est un wiki), traduire des petites sections pour Mozilla Europe, surtout les communiqués de presse et là c'est surtout une question de rapidité, ils sont courts mais faits à la dernière minute donc souvent on les traduit pas du tout.

Enfin bref, petit point sur tout ça la semaine prochaine avec probablement l'organisation d'une réunion sur IRC :)


samedi 17 février 2007

Le projet Mozilla a besoin de traducteurs

Soyons clairs et concis : On a besoin de traducteurs, dans tous les domaines, de tous les niveaux.

Notre base utilisateur est de plus en plus importante, nous avons des dizaines de millions d'utilisateurs, on va doucement vers la centaine de millions ce qui est super et j'espère bien que ce n'est qu'un début, qu'on comptera à terme nos utilisateurs en centaines de millions et plus en dizaines ;)

Notre croissance est énorme et plus on atteint un large public, plus nous devons offrir en plus des logiciels en français du contenu traduit pour ces utilisateurs : documentation pour développeurs, pages de support pour l'utilisateur final, pages produits, fichiers d'aide, communiqués de presse...

Le problème est que la croissance de notre communauté activement impliquée dans le projet n'est pas aussi rapide que celle de nos utilisateurs. Autant il est facile de devenir un nouvel utilisateur Firefox en cinq minutes téléchargement inclus, autant devenir un traducteur pour le projet mozilla demande du temps, l'apprentissage des processus de traduction, la maîtrise de certains outils comme CVS pour la traduction des logiciels...

Un autre problème est que malheureusement nos traducteurs actuels n'ont plus le temps de former des nouveaux traducteurs, surtout que ceux-ci ont tendance à disparaître au bout de quelques semaines lorsqu'ils se rendent compte de ce que ça représente comme boulot :( Beaucoup de volontaires d'un jour sont attirés par le prestige du projet Mozilla mais abandonnent lorsqu'ils se rendent compte que la traduction, c'est pas facile et qu'on ne s'improvise pas localiseur, il faut aimer ça.

On cherche donc des volontaires motivés, à moyen et long terme, de préférence avec déjà une expérience de la traduction dans le libre ou alors ayant fait des études de langues (type LEA). Parmi les compétences qui sont absolument obligatoires : connaître le html parce que notre domaine c'est le web et qu'on a plein de contenu à traduire dans le code source :), avoir un bon niveau de français et d'anglais, comprendre surtout l'anglais informatique, ne pas être rebuté par l'apprentissage d'outils comme CVS ou SVN, les éditeurs de texte et de manière générale, les outils liés au web (usenet, FTP, IRC...).

Dans un premier temps, je cherche des volontaires pour participer à la traduction de contenu web comme Mozilla Europe et, le but étant d'alléger la charge de travail de nos traducteurs (surtout pour Cédric en fait ;) ) pour qu'ils puissent se focaliser de nouveau sur les logiciels. L'avantage du contenu web, c'est que vous aurez un interlocuteur/formateur (moi ;) ) et que c'est ce qui demande le moins de compétences informatiques donc c'est ouvert à plus de gens.

Le type de personne que je recherche est un traducteur occasionnel, mais très réactif.

Par ailleurs, le site des extensions va être localisable entièrement et on aura besoin d'une énorme équipe pour s'en occuper. Je pense que la traduction initiale des descriptions des modules complémentaires nécessitera au bas mot une vingtaine de personnes pendant plusieurs mois, après une dizaine devrait suffir pour maintenir les traductions existantes.

D'autre part, on a des gros besoins de traduction pour le portail pour développeurs, et là c'est aux informaticiens que je m'adresse: ce sont des documents techniques et on a besoin de gens avec un bagage technique pour la traduction, à la limite la qualité de langue est moins importante car on peut faire une correction du style par nos littéraires derrière.

Voilà, si vous voulez devenir contributeur localisation au projet Mozilla francophone, laissez un message dans les commentaires ou bien passez sur le canal IRC des traducteurs : irc://

Si vous allez au salon FOSDEM à Bruxelles la semaine prochaine, vous pouvez aussi discuter avec nous dans la salle Mozilla.

Mise à jour : réunion ce soir mercredi 28 février à 20h sur le canal IRC de Frenchmozilla (irc:// que tout le monde fasse connaissance.

mardi 26 décembre 2006

Merry Christmas and Thanks to the Contributors

I wish the whole Mozilla community a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2007 !

I particularly want to thanks all the contributors working on Mozilla Europe and all the people that helped us along the years to build and maintain the portal, this is thanks to all these people that we were able to deal with 220 million visits and 2.5 billion hits in 2006.

Also a big thank you to all the people that worked on the new multilingual "in-product" pages for Firefox 2.0 on !

mercredi 27 septembre 2006 translation starts now

We are ready to start the translation in 40 languages for "in-product" Firefox 2 pages hosted on, if you want to help for your language, here is the tracking bug:

Localize in-product pages for Firefox 2

Update : congrats to Guillermo, Marcelo, stripTM, Francisco, Samuel and Nukeador from the combined es-ES/es-AR team for sending me their translation in just 24 hours ! good job :)

jeudi 7 septembre 2006

News Flash ;)

We have a new newsgroup in the mozilla.* hierarchy dedicated to the localization of Mozilla-related websites, this is

This will be the place where people can talk about website localization, propose their help for a project and submit their ideas. This will also be a way to coordinate the global translation efforts.

A few examples of themes that will be discussed/organized there:

  • product pages localization in and its international afiliates
  • the future multilingual add-ons website
  • translations of end-user touchpoints when using Firefox (like the "Firefox has been updated" page, or the random tips shown on the google-firefox search page

The creation of this newsgroup is also meant to separate products localization talks ( from web content localization talks ( so as not to add noise and perturbate the existing l10n newsgroup.

You can access this newsgroup via mozilla news server (, Google Groups or by subscribing to the mozilla mailing-list which is synced with the newsgroup. Note that since the newsgroup is only a few hours old, there will probably be a few synchronisation delays in the first days.

See you soon there :)


PS 1 : Our Mozilla Europe translators should know that this does not replace our internal "actimembers" mailing list since m.d.l.web has a much more global reach and many Mozilla Europe issues wouldn't fit in the public newsgroup, of course there will be some overlap since the Mozilla Europe list also existed because there was no mozilla.* hierarchy 3 years ago, but the overlapping shouldn't be too important.

PS 2 : a newsgroup dedicated to the Spanish translation of the Mozilla Developer Center has also been created, it is

mercredi 12 juillet 2006

Nouvelles Mozilla